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Senator Arlen Specter - Ethics 101
Monday, 12 May 2008
Multi-Billion $$$ Companies fight using Tax payers dollars through Elected Officials
Mood:  irritated

During the 2007-2008 NFL Season, Senator Specter wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell concerning the destruction of New England Patriots Spygate tapes.


Comcast Cable is currently involved in a dispute with the NFL with regard to a cable deal concerning the NFL Network.

Senator Arlen Specter has taken $153,600 in campaign contributions from Comcast or those affiliated with Comcast as employees or through its PAC. The only firm which has given more money to Specter is the law firm Blank Rome, LLP, which represents Comcast and which has given Specter $358,453 although the organization itself did not donate, rather the money came from the organization's PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families.

Senator Arlen Specter has publicly declared that he would support legislation ending the NFL's Anti-trust exemption, allowing local teams to negotiate their own cable contracts to the benefit of Comcast.

It appears that Specter may be violating the code of ethics for senators because of the link between his two largest donors and his attack on the NFL.

Specter has had a long history of battles with the NFL. In November 2005, he sought to have the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL investigated for violation of antitrust laws over their handling of Terrell Owens.

In December of 2007, he sought to have the law that allows the National Football League to sign lucrative television contracts on behalf of all 32 teams repealed.

In February 2008, he sought to have religious organizations declared exempt from NFL copyright laws.

Why is Senator Arlen Specter so fixated on the NFL?

It’s always been said to follow the money trail.  The money trail leads right back to the Philadelphia based company called Comcast.  Comcast and the Law Firm that represents Comcast are Senator Arlen Specter's biggest donors.  

One would think as a result of this, the choices that Senator Specter has been making recently are in direct correlation to the relationship he has with his biggest campaign contributors.

This is the thought process when making the claim that the Senator has directly violated the Code of ethics for Senators.

What bothers me more is the use of our Tax Paying dollars to pursue corporate interests while disguising it as being in the interests of the American taxpayer.  I just don't see mass amounts of NFL fans complaining about the current situation the league is in.

My last point I'd like to make.  How can we trust the individual directly responsible for creating the 'Single Bullet' theory that the Warren Commission tried to push on the world where the JFK assassination was concerned.  A greater piece of fiction has yet to ever be created.

If you feel as I do...that this is conduct unbecoming of an elected official and that it represents partially what is wrong with our current Government, contact your US Senators and your US Congressmen’s about this.  Write a letter to your local newspapers.  Share this information with your family and friends.

Better yet, if you live in Pennsylvania, don't vote this Senator back into office.  You just might find that the new Senator can't be so easily bought and sold...

...then again, maybe not.  After all, it is politics as usual in Washington.

NFL Network files FCC complaint against Comcast as planned - USA Today

What perfect timing!

$enator Comcast should be out in full bloom with the SpyGate conspiracy just about coming to a head.

I'd really love to know why he rates these NFL issues higher than other worldy topics.  Lets look at that for a moment.  Currently these are our top headlines:

  1. An estimated 23,000 are already dead in Burma and its possible another 70,000 could die if immediate relief is not sent as a result of last week's Cyclone.
  2. The United States is heading into a recession (or in some peoples minds, we are already there).
  3. There is a war in Iraq.
  4. There is a war in Afghanistan.
  5. Our President appears to want a war with Iran.
  6. Gas prices are skyrocketing while Oil companies and execs are raking in some serious $$.
  7. Food prices are skyrocketing.
  8. The value of the US Dollar is bottoming out.
  9. Illegal Immigrants.
  10. Mortgage Crisis.

There are 10 things right off the top of my head that I would deem more important than the NFL SpyGate issue.

So Senator Specter, please tell me again why you find this issue to be of so much significance and importance?  Really!?  Inquiring minds want to know...


Posted by concerned USA citizen at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 14 May 2008 1:11 PM EDT
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